WITH COMMITMENT TO QUALITY in each aspect of its operation KEDIAFRESH has emerged as a reliable B2B partner for some of the largest food brands in JUICE, BEVERAGE, DAIRY, CONFECTIONERY, BABY FOOD, NEUTRACITICALS, CONDIMENTS, READY TO COOK and READY TO EAT sectors

Our team is committed to quality with good practices being followed at all stages:

Farm practices – in lines with buyer and buying country requirements

Processing and Packing – good manufacturing practices – as per FSSR / GFSI

Storage and Logistics – Goods are stored as per internationally acceptable practices across the country – to make it better accessible for the customer. This makes it possible for our customers to lift goods / receive goods just in time

Customer specific quality management to match their product specifications and other requirements including Halal, Kosher, SGF, SEDEX, USFDA, FSSC-22000