India ranks high globally in orange production, with volumes fluctuating yearly due to climate and agricultural factors.

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Nagpur Mandarin, a variety of Nagpur oranges, is renowned for its sweet and tangy taste. Oranges are cultivated across states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Manipur.

Elevate your culinary ventures with Kediafresh’s premium orange-based products, designed to inspire and enhance flavors. Explore Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice, Orange Puree, and Orange Pulp, meeting discerning standards.

Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice by Kediafresh immerses beverages in citrus essence, offering convenience and flavor consistency. Ideal for crafting refreshing drinks capturing fresh orange zest.

Experience the vibrant taste of Kediafresh Frozen Orange Puree, sourced meticulously for culinary delights like sorbets and sauces, unlocking the true essence of oranges.

Kediafresh Orange Pulp, a culinary masterpiece, adds natural sweetness and texture to desserts, yogurts, and confectionery, ensuring creations stand out in flavor and appeal.

Craft beverages or desserts with Kediafresh products—Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice, Frozen Orange Puree, and Orange Pulp—guaranteeing a symphony of orange flavors, bringing sun-kissed essence to your creations for taste and quality excellence. Trust Kediafresh for culinary brilliance.


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