India is a major global producer of lemons and limes, with varying production volumes influenced by factors like weather and agricultural practices.

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The country cultivates diverse varieties, including Eureka lemon, Lisbon lemon, Kaghzi lime (also known as Nagpur lime), mainly in states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

Frozen lime and lemon juice concentrates provide convenient and consistent options for infusing citrus flavors into various products, with a longer shelf life to preserve natural taste and nutritional qualities. These concentrates are versatile in creating beverages, sauces, dressings, desserts, and other food items.

The extended shelf life of lime and lemon concentrates supports efficient inventory management and waste reduction. With a rising preference for natural and tangy flavors, integrating frozen lime and lemon concentrates can contribute to innovative and appealing food products, meeting dynamic market demands.

Explore the vibrant potential of your creations with Kediafresh Frozen Lime and Lemon Juice Concentrates. Designed for convenience and rich citrus flavors, Kediafresh lime and lemon concentrates enhance food and beverage creations, ensuring consistency and saving time. Delight your customers with the vibrant taste of Kediafresh lime and lemon concentrates – essential ingredients for culinary excellence.


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