India is a major apple producer, mainly in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, with Jammu and Kashmir renowned for high-quality apples.

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Apple juice concentrate is a concentrated form derived by removing water from apple juice, offering a cost-effective way to infuse apple flavor into diverse food and beverages. Global consumption of apple juice, with variations in sweetness and acidity, involves extracting liquid from fresh apples.

Apple puree concentrate, a concentrated form of mashed and strained apples, finds use in baby food, sauces, and desserts, retaining natural flavors and nutrition. Apple puree, without concentration, is a versatile ingredient for various food applications. Consistent quality, sourcing high-quality apples, and adhering to food safety standards are crucial in producing these apple-derived products.

Experience nature’s essence in every sip with Kediafresh premium apple products—Apple Juice Concentrate, Apple Juice, and Apple Puree Concentrate to Apple Puree. Crafted with precision and passion from the finest orchards, Kediafresh products embody the pure, crisp flavor of ripe apples. Elevate culinary creations and beverages with the quality discerning consumers crave. Choose Kediafresh for a taste of perfection!


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