Originating in Central America and Mexico, papaya, a tropical fruit, now graces harvests across tropical regions and the warmest subtropical zones.

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Its appeal lies in the delectable sweet pulp, characterized by its vibrant orange hue and succulent flavor. Red papaya concentrate embodies the essence of these exotic fruits. Leading the global papaya production front is India, boasting an impressive annual capacity of approximately 3 million tonnes, contributing a substantial 45% to the world’s papaya production. Key cultivation regions within the country include Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

Kediafresh, a distinguished supplier of papaya concentrate, meticulously crafted from the highest quality red papayas. Our manufacturing process ensures commercial sterility while preserving the inherent freshness, flavor, and overall quality of the fruit. Kediafresh robust technical team and extensive manufacturing expertise elevate the status of our red papaya pulp. Widely embraced by various food processing industries worldwide, our product benefits from advanced manufacturing processes and vigilant quality monitoring. This commitment to excellence positions Kediafresh as one of the premier papaya puree manufacturers in India and on the global stage.


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