Kediafresh stands at the forefront as India’s premier pineapple puree and juice concentrate manufacturer.

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The roots of our pineapple puree and concentrate trace back to South America, where this exotic fruit originated before captivating Europe in the 17th century. Through the ages, Hawaii claimed dominance in pineapple production during the 20th century, succeeded by Brazil and the Philippines. Pineapple, ranking as the third most significant tropical fruit globally, finds its prime cultivation regions in Kerala, Karnataka, and West Bengal.

Kediafresh commitment to excellence is reflected in the crafting of our pineapple puree and juice concentrate, meticulously derived from handpicked, mature, and top-quality pineapples. The entire manufacturing process adheres to stringent hygienic standards, with constant monitoring ensuring the highest quality. Kediafresh has earned its standing as a preferred pineapple puree and concentrate manufacturer in India through our dedication to international standards and the delivery of impeccable customer service.


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